Bayerischer Brauerbund e.V.

Founded in 1880, the Bayerische Brauerbund e.V., based in Munich, is the umbrella organization of the Bavarian brewing industry. The purpose of the association is to represent and promote the common interests of the entire Bavarian brewing industry. The Bayerischer Brauerbund sees itself as a service company that makes a crucial contribution to the success of its member companies. It supports with competent advice on questions and problems in all areas from beer production to the distribution of Bavarian beer.


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Bundesverband Deutscher Pflanzenzüchter e.V. (German Plant Breeders' Association)

The German Plant Breeders' Association (BDP) is a registered association with offices in Bonn and Berlin. It represents the interests of the plant breeding and seed trading companies in Germany. BDP is a non-government, non-profit organization financed by its 130 member companies. BDP voices the interests of its members, internally and externally. The most important objective is to optimize the breeding and seed trading framework with regards to:

  • the organization of plant breeding research,
  • the promotion of new breeding technologies,
  • the development of variety protection and variety certification,
  • appropriate regulations for seed marketing,
  • legal certainty for plant breeding,
  • protection of intellectual property,
  • public communications on all relevant topics.

Also represented by an office in Brussels, BDP actively contributes to numerous committees of European association and sets up internal working groups with the aim of responding to the global responsibilities of German plant breeding. BDP’s objective is to provide quick and competent information to its members on international developments and to bring in German proposals.


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Bundesverband der obst- gemüse- und kartoffelverarbeitenden Industrie e.V.

The Association of the Fruit, Vegetable and Potato Processing Industry (BOGK) is the voice of the sixth largest sector in the German food industry – consisting mostly of small and medium sized enterprises. BOGK’s mission is to represent the political and economic interests of its members vis-à-vis decision makers on all levels of Government. To this end BOGK works particularly closely with the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture and the European Commission.

In addition BOGK speaks for its members in business relations with stakeholders throughout the food chain. At trade fairs BOGK organizes the representation of the industry, for example through joint exhibition stands.

Finally, BOGK is the industry’s spokesman in press and media relations. It focusses on detailing the sector’s contribution to a healthy diet and a sustainable production and distribution of processed fruit, vegetables and potato products.

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Bundesvereinigung der Erzeugerorganisationen Obst und Gemüse e.V.

The Bundesvereinigung der Erzeugerorganisationen Obst und Gemüse e.V. - BVEO (German Association of Producer Organizations Fruit and Vegetable) is the national association of all German fruit and vegetable producer organizations and other individual companies of the German fruit and vegetable industry. BVEO is based in Berlin and bundles important competences for its members to apply their know-how for the high quality standards of German fruit and vegetables. In addition to organizing trade fairs and congress appearances, the association primarily represents the political interests of its members and manages public relation and marketing activities.


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Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft e.V.

DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft e.V. – German Agricultural Society), founded in 1885 by Max Eyth, is an open network and serves as a professional voice of agriculture, agribusiness and the food industry. Its goal is to promote progress by transferring and communicating knowledge, quality and technology. DLG has over 30,000 members. It is non-profit, politically independent and internationally networked.

As one of the leading organizations in its sector, DLG organizes trade fairs and events in the fields of agriculture and food technology, conducts tests of foods and beverages, agricultural machinery and equipment, as well as farm inputs, and in a large number of expert committees develops answers to the challenges confronting agriculture, agribusiness and the food industry.


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Deutscher Raiffeisenverband e.V.

The DRV represents the interests of the cooperative-oriented companies in the German agricultural and food industry. As an important link in the food value chain, the 1,984 DRV member companies in the production, trade and processing of plant and animal products achieve a turnover of 64.9 billion euros with around 92,000 employees. Farmers, gardeners and winegrowers are the members and thus owners of the cooperatives. The DRV stands for the original cooperative principle: individual responsibility and solidary pooling of forces in economy and society. As an umbrella organization, it represents the interests of its member companies that are active in the production, purchasing, processing and marketing of agricultural products. Key factors for success:


  • Consistent market and future orientation of the companies
  • Improvement in efficiency throughout the entire process chain
  • Horizontal pooling of interests in response to consolidations in food retail sector
  • Application and enhancement of quality management
  • Optimisation of transparency and industrial hygiene along the entire process chain


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Food – Made in Germany e.V.

Food – Made in Germany association is the export organization of the German food & drinks sector – from entrepreneurs - for entrepreneurs. FMIG is as a cross-sector initiative related to all questions regarding export, especially for smaller and medium-sized enterprises.

Our service profile:


  • Support for foreign traders in the search for experienced German food and drinks producers
  • Information on export relevant events in Germany and abroad (exhibitions, market research trips, matchmaking, seminars etc.)
  • Market research and information
  • Networking and exchanges of experiences
  • Activities for market entries (listing events, exhibitions, business trips, matchmaking, business presentations etc.)


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German Dairy / Export-Union für Milchprodukte

The association Export-Union for dairy products represents the interests of some 95 member companies in the field of milk exports and trade. Our members produce various dairy products from over 30 million tonnes of milk, or around 95% of the milk processed in Germany. They sell and trade the dairy products in Germany, Europe and throughout the world. The sector overall has a turnover of more than 27 billion Euros in 2020, making it one of the sectors with the highest turnover in the German food industry.


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German Livestock e.V.

The breeding associations coordinate the genetic improvement of livestock. They have a long tradition about more than 100 years. The breeding associations are competitive companies of breeding and artificial insemination. In addition to the optimisation of the performance potential of the animals, the characteristics of health and fitness are also taken into account in the breeding goals. The breeding goals are oriented to the needs of the market.
Breeding animals from Germany are in demand worldwide.


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German Meat GmbH

German Meat is the joint export promotion organization of the German pork, beef, poultry and meat processing industry. The aim of German Meat is to promote the export of products made by the German meat industry. It helps you to find exactly the right supplier of meat and meat products from Germany.

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German Sweets

German Sweets e.V. (German Association for the Promotion of Chocolate, Confectionery, Biscuit, Snack and Ice-cream Exports) is the committed export partner of the German confectionery industry.Founded in 1977, our organisation meanwhile counts more than 100 companies from the manufacturing sectors chocolate products, sugar confectionery, fine bakery wares, ice cream, snacks, and raw pastes among its members. As of 1997, we have also admitted manufacturers of confectionary-related products, as extraordinary members. We simultaneously serve as a reference office for professional buyers and importers from all over the globe.

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Verband der Ausfuhrbrauereien Nord-, West- und Südwestdeutschlands e.V.

The Association of the Export Breweries of Northern, Western and Southwestern Germany was established in 1946 and its task is to safeguard and promote the foreign trade interests of its member breweries throughout Germany (outside Bavaria). Central concerns are guidance and advice for members in all issues relating to export, and representation of their interests vis-à-vis government bodies at national and European level, and also vis-à-vis third countries.

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Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V.

The Agricultural Machinery Association within the VDMA acts as a representative, service provider and information broker for the agricultural machinery industry in Germany and Europe. More than 200 national and international manufacturers are part of the innovation and industry network, which has been established for 125 years and provides, among other things, information on current market developments and market access requirements. The core competencies of VDMA Agricultural Machinery include creating networks, arranging contacts and shaping the image of the industry. In addition, the association acts as a partner to a wide variety of sub-publics and stakeholders, such as member companies, farmers, academia, sister/customer associations as well as trade and public media, trade fair partners and information seekers. All this takes place against the background of a decidedly international orientation.


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Bavarian State Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Forestry

The Bavarian State Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Forestry cares at state, national and EU level for appropriate conditions to save Bavaria as a location for agriculture, food industry and forestry for the future.

alp Bayern, the agency for Bavarian food products, conducts marketing activities both in Germany and abroad to promote sales of Bavarian food products. By working closely alongside governing bodies and institutions, as well as companies representing the Bavarian food industry, alp Bayern is responsible for implementing the following measures for the Bavarian food industry:


  • Organising joint stands for Bavarian companies that represent the agricultural and food industries at specialist and consumer trade fairs both in Germany and abroad
  • Organising educational and promotional measures in Germany and abroad (e.g. promotional ‘Bavaria weeks’ in food retail)
  • Contact to trade partners from abroad


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BGA - Bundesverband Großhandel, Außenhandel, Dienstleistungen e.V.

The BGA, the Federation of German Wholesale, Foreign Trade, and Services, is the leading organization for the wholesale, foreign trade and service sector in the Federal Republic of Germany. Currently the BGA consists of 22 regional employers´ associations, primarily responsible for wage policy. In addition, there are 42 branch associations covering the entire spectrum of wholesale and foreign trade including the food and agro sectors.

In collaboration with its members the BGA exercises influence on legislation by working with the German Bundestag, government and relevant ministries. Another main task of the BGA is to inform members in a timely manner about new developments as well as about legal and regulatory changes. The BGA is a service-oriented organization. It informs its members on all kinds of developments, especially in the field of foreign trade. It organizes regular events in order to promote the imports and exports with countries in Europe and abroad, as well as seminars, business delegations and training measures.

The BGA stands for the principle of the Promotion of free, unhindered trade- both on the field of imports and exports.

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Federation of German Food and Drink Industries

The Federation of German Food and Drink Industries (BVE) is the political top-level association of the German food and drink industry. Its membership comprises the branch associations and major companies. BVE's principle task is the representation of its members' common interests in the national and international context.

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Deutscher Bauernverband e.V.

The German Farmers’ Association (DBV) is the agricultural umbrella organisation in Germany. Over 90 % of all German farmers (about 270.000) are members of DBV on a voluntary basis. DBV represents the agricultural, economical, legal, fiscal, environmental, social, educational, and socio-political interests of the agricultural and forestry sector vis-à-vis society at large and the world of politics. Via its offices in Berlin and Brussels, it acts as the contact point for all political issues debated at national and European level. One of the main aspects of its vocational work today is increasingly the effective marketing of agricultural products and the task of assuring quality of foods. Via its membership in COPA (the working group of the farmer’s associations at EU-level), the German Farmers’ Association represents farmers’ interests in dealings with the EU authorities and institutions.


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QS Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH

As a quality assurance system QS. Quality scheme for food. defines and inspects strict production and marketing criteria along the entire supply chain of fresh food. Standard owner and administrator of the QS scheme is the QS Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH. Together with its scheme participants QS organizes a reliable quality assurance - from farm to shop. Whether farmers, producers of fresh fruit, vegetables and potatoes, feed producers, butchers or grocers - more than 130,000 QS scheme participants pursue a common goal in their daily work: Consistent self-assessments and comprehensive process reliability and traceability of meat, meat products, fruits, vegetables and potatoes.

More than 15,000 of the 130,000 QS scheme participants are from abroad. Due to mutual recognitions with standard owners of other countries many other foreign companies can deliver into the QS scheme without double auditing or costs. Conversely, QS-certified companies can deliver their goods into other systems and countries. QS ensures that comparable conditions are complied with and further developed within the meaning of German consumers and producers if necessary. This way the high level of quality assurance in Germany can also be implemented within the cross-border trade.

For QS-certified companies the quality assurance of the whole supply chain is an important marketing tool - not only with regard to the German retail, but also when exporting.


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