4 facts pro agricultural products and food from Germany

Fact 1: Outstanding worldwide image of Made in Germany

Products and services Made in Germany enjoy an excellent image in the world. This favours the strong competitive position of the German agricultural and food industry as the top 3 agricultural exporting nations in the world. The positive reputation is based above all on the following strengths:

The industry's products stand out due to high production standards throughout the entire production chain. This goes in hand with characteristics such as top quality, strict controls and safety as well as sustainability.

The companies achieve their strong competitiveness on the global market through a high level of innovation and outstanding efficiency while using high-tech; in compliance with high production, social and environmental standards.

German company representatives are valued worldwide as reliable business partners. They are regarded as trustworthy, punctual and service-oriented.

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In 2018, the preliminary inputs and investments of agriculture amounted to 43.1 billion euros, the production value of agriculture to 59 billion euros and the turnover of the food industry to 180 billion euros. Exports from the agriculture and food industry amounted to 72 billion euros, more than a third of the total value (source: Federal Statistical Office/BMEL/ German Farmers' Association). For the year 2019, previous figures indicate an increase in exports in this sector of 2.3 percent (source: AMI, as of 12 March 2020).

The most important sales markets for German agricultural exports in 2019 were the EU followed by China, Switzerland and the USA (source: AMI, as of 12.03.2020).