Four facts pro agricultural products and food from Germany

Fact 4: Strong market leaders from the agricultural and food industry

The worldwide positive image of German products, the values and virtues represented by the companies and the innovative strength on the German market speak for the German agricultural and food industry. The fourth reason for Made in Germany is provided by the companies and their employees themselves. Together, they represent the fourth largest industrial sector in Germany. With their day-to-day commitment, they ensure that they are either world market leaders in their sectors (e.g. in the export of agricultural engineering products, confectionery or cheese) or are positioned in a leading competitive position worldwide (e.g. in the export of pork).

More than 1,300 companies of the GEFA sector organisations in the food sector and more than 400 exporters of GEFA's agricultural departments stand for the performance promise Made in Germany every day.

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In 2018, the preliminary inputs and investments of agriculture amounted to 43.1 billion euros, the production value of agriculture to 59 billion euros and the turnover of the food industry to 180 billion euros. Agricultural exports from agriculture and the food industry amounted to 72 billion euros, more than a third of the total value (source: Federal Statistical Office/BMEL/ German Farmers' Association). For the year 2019, previous figures indicate an increase in exports in this sector of 2.3 percent (source: AMI, as of 12 March 2020).

The most important sales markets for German agricultural exports in 2019 were the EU followed by China, Switzerland and the USA (source: AMI, as of 12.03.2020).